Why coaching?

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higher earnings per share in companies where employees declare to be engaged
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of companies say it is important to develop leaders
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of Leaders are ill-prepared or unprepared to meet their challenges

Developing talent and organisations is key to perform in any company. It is time to breathe new life into it in a context where the war for talent is raging, the transformation of organisations is accelerating and the business opportunities are numerous. The stakes of leadership and teams are high and companies have strong opportunities to address it without further delay through coaching.

Coaching allows you to strengthen your ability to adapt to change, to improve collaboration between teams and individuals, to be more creative and more efficient in your decision-making, and to better manage communication between employees as well as between Leaders, Managers and Teams.

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My vision

Performance is, above all, the one of women and men, individually and collectively

For more than 25 years, I have been coaching management teams and talents in France and abroad, to create effective, learning organisations that allow the development and fulfillment of all. I am convinced that individuals and team spirit are the key to a successful strategy. It is essential to place their development at the center of organisations with an operating model based on commitment, responsibility, listening and benevolence. I like challenges, I look to topics with a different angle, an angle that questions, awakens, and creates opportunities.
I fundamentally believe that we have all the resources we need. We just need to meet and release them.
Coaching allows to unlock our energy, creativity, power and our strength to inspire for a sustainable collective and individual success.

Jean-Charles Castellano

Certified Executive Coach

From where the name “BroadenUp” comes from?

Coaching is about alliance and when I was thinking about the name of my company, I reflected on what I wanted to ally through my coaching approach. Coaching is multidimensional and it is also about broadening views, perspectives and opportunities, to grow up and unleash clients and teams potentials. It came to me, quite naturally, that “BroadenUp” is a perfect illustration of what I want to bring as a professional coach. The logo represents the importance of the harmony and the "laws of life" to elevate yourself, thanks to your roots, your ecosystem and resources

From vision to action

Business coach who bridges the dimensions of vision and action with the ones of listening and empathy
My coaching approach, based on the coach's skills and ethics, is therefore focused on the client in his or her professional environment, looking at the systemic aspects related to the client's situation. It is driven by the 3 essential engines for sustainable success, namely the Head, the Heart and the Body
My approach is therefore based on 4 dimensions and 3 drivers

The dimension
of the organisation

The systemic

The dimension
of the Business

The systemic

The dimension
of the individual

Authenticity and

The dimension
of relationships

The importance
of the alliance

The method is based on specific and powerful coaching tools, allowing the client to engage actions that allow him to gain efficiency and give more meaning to his actions. My approach is also based on my international experience and my strong expérience of the business world

What we bring to you

Executive coaching

Individual coaching

Team & organisation coaching