A coach with a strong Business, People and Organisations approach

I am a certified coach from ICF (International Coaching Federation), HEC (AICC-HEC Paris) and a RNCP Professional Coach. I have been practicing coaching for many years. I am also certified in the DISC et Forces Motrices behavioral models, among the most used in the corporate world.

My coaching career

I built my coaching career over the past years through my professional experience and my values. First as a manager-coach, then as a senior executive, acting at the heart of organisations. Finally, after completing certified coaching courses at HEC and Mozaik International, I became an internal coach, a role I have been practicing for many years in parallel with my function as HRD.

I created BroadenUp to go further in the developmentt of people, teams and organizations, putting my experience as a coach and leader at the service of progress and sustainable performance. This decision also fuelled my desire to be an entrepreneur while keeping a foot in the corporate world with an international executive HR role.

Thanks to my international and multicultural experience, I work in French and English for clients from different nationalities (France, US, Mexico, Russia, Sweden, UK, etc.). This experience allows me to understand the challenges related to different cultures and international contexts and to perfectly understand the situations of my clients.

My professional background and personality

Coming from a family where the values of work and entrepreneurship are strong, I have developed a natural approach to positive thinking and action. Graduate in labour law from the Institut d’Études Politiques d’Aix-en-Provence, I have led my career mainly in Human Resources, in French and international companies, always guided by a passion for people, teams and organisations combined with a taste for business. I have always achieved my roles by being close to the field, the teams, the business, constantly driven by the will to create value in a sustainable way and by developing employees, teams and organisations, with boldness, challenge, but also listening and benevolence.

During my 25 years in Executive Committees, I have developed a strong strategic vision and a very global and international understanding of business and organisations as well as an in-depth knowledge of companies and their ways of working at all levels.

The values that best define me are courage, boldness, honesty, interest in business, curiosity, listening and open-mindedness. It is important for me to have a long-term vision with an internal co-pilot who is one of action and results. It is the combination of these two dimensions that guides my approach.

My sources of inspiration and energy

Married and father of 3 children, I resource myself through my family and sharing convivial moments with our friends.
Passionate about travels, the explorations of new horizons and different cultures is a source of inspiration and energy for me.
I love space, calm and the sea, which also leads me to practice sports such as scuba diving, golf and kitesurfing.