In a context that can be called VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous), it is essential to rely on a strategy that is coherent with this environment, to have an organization and a management style that are adapted and efficient. It is also a question of strengthening internal and external collaboration in order to better anticipate the expression of needs and respond to them in a relevant manner.

Yet it appears that 45% of leaders are poorly prepared for these challenges, 38% of leaders appointed to new positions fail after 18 months due to lack of preparation and companies are finding it increasingly difficult to retain their talent.

In order to create value, it is important to renew oneself and not to be locked into an aging business model, innovation being a major strategic axis. No more rigid strategic planning. It is important to have a long-term vision but at the same time to set a course and shorter-term objectives. This must be done by adapting to market changes and quickly implementing new strategies and tactics accordingly.

This requires an agile organization that can respond quickly to changing conditions without sacrificing quality or efficiency.

The employees and teams are then at the heart of the organization. They are the key to success in this environment. To do this, the company must develop its employees, encourage autonomy, motivate and unite, strengthen collaboration and communication, free up agility and decision-making, and finally ensure the well-being of all.

To do this, managers must strengthen their leadership skills in order to support their employees in their development.

Coaching allows you to better meet these challenges.

Studies show that in the 500 largest American companies (Fortune 500), Executive Coaching has an ROI of 788%. Moreover, 96% of organizations that have used coaching say they are ready to repeat their actions.

Coaching helps to strengthen skills for adapting to change, improving collaboration between teams and individuals, and being more creative and effective in decision making. It allows better management of communication between employees, leaders, managers and teams.

Coaching is a very effective way to meet today's challenges such as: