From vision to action

Business coach who bridges the dimensions of vision and action with the ones of listening and empathy
My coaching approach, based on the coach's skills and ethics, is therefore focused on the client in his or her professional environment, looking at the systemic aspects related to the client's situation. It is driven by the 3 essential engines for sustainable success, namely the Head, the Heart and the Body
My approach is therefore based on 4 dimensions and 3 drivers

The dimension
of the organisation

The systemic

The dimension
of the Business

The systemic

The dimension
of the individual

Authenticity and

The dimension
of relationships

The importance
of the alliance

The method is based on specific and powerful coaching tools, allowing the client to engage actions that allow him to gain efficiency and give more meaning to his actions. My approach is also based on my international experience and my strong expérience of the business world

Co-creation with the client and strong values

A logic of co-creation focused on each client’s specific needs.

It is about creating a true partnership/alliance with the client and relevant stakeholders to create a clear contract on the coaching relationship, process, challenges and objectives.

BroadenUp's values


Listening is an essential element in coaching and in my approach. It starts with the first contact with the client to understand their needs. It involves establishing silence and availability so that the coach is totally connected to the client, hears their need and feels the situation. Listening is also about being present to oneself, which allows one to be fully engaged in the relationship with the other.

Listening is done in 3 dimensions: listening to the mental path, listening to the content, listening to the non-verbal


Trust is also a determining factor in the relationship between the client, the coachee and the coach. I pay particular attention to this because it determines the quality of the assignment from start to finish. It allows us to get to the bottom of the issues while respecting all the stakeholders. I like David Maister's equation in his book "The Trusted Advisor" where he writes that trust is based on Credibility (the coach's experience), Reliability (the seriousness of the approach) and Intimacy (being totally connected to the client), all focused on the client's needs.


For me, responsibility means being accountable for your actions, being able to fulfil your obligations. As a coach, I respect my ethical, contractual and legal obligations towards my clients. I subscribe to the code of ethics defined by the ICF and undertake to respect it.

Value creation

BroadenUp's raison d'être is to be a "Performance Booster" for the company, the teams and the individual. Value creation is an essential dimension of my coaching approach. It must enable the client to develop its economic performance, through work on vision, team mobilisation, the development of behaviour and relational skills, self-awareness, and motivation and commitment. It is by liberating individual and collective energies that the company will find its full potential and create value in the long term.


Finally, courage is an essential value in my approach. As a coach, I have seen from many years of professional experience how courage makes it possible to meet the most ambitious challenges. It is essential for the coach, in a caring way, to encourage the client to address the difficult issues and find a way to achieve their goals.